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It’s May my friends and this can only mean one thing – the 2017 season is OPEN!!!

We have some much stuff going on this year that’s it hard to simply rap my head around it but I will be sharing everything as we chug along. We have a series of great weddings, engagements, commercial projects and headshots and I’m really excited to start it off with a great engagement session with Klaudia and Kuba. We’ve originally postponed the session from last year but I can’t imagine starting the season in a better way. Two good looking individuals in a nice location. Click, click and the images are ready to be served.

Thank you guys for a good time and I’ll be seeing you again at your big event in July.

Here are couple of my favorites.


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I think we should call it a Save The Date as technically what started as an engagement session turned into a quick and dirty session in the rain. 🙂 Big credit to Mara and Mike for being real troopers an dealing with the not so perfect weather conditions.

We will be hooking up with them again in the summer to shoot some more stuff but considering it’s crunch time Mara wanted to do something now so they could use some images on the STD.

Thanks again guys.

Here are couple of my favs.

Mara and Mike-0001

Mara and Mike-0002

Mara and Mike-0003

Mara and Mike-0004

Mara and Mike-0005

Mara and Mike-0006

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Destination: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Mission: Iciak Wedding
Targets: Victoria and Andy + 38 (although this number could be off; it just seems that there was a lot of guests at this gorgeous event)

I simply love going to new locations knowing that we are about to capture something special… something unique… something that cannot be easily replicated. Now looking at this wedding I know I wasn’t wrong. I always stand behind my work but constantly striving for the better image I rarely tap myself on the back. It’s a little different with this one, as Asia and the kids couldn’t travel with us so I had to carry the weight from shooting, arranging, logistics, and more.

Traveling to new locations is always hard as you’re leaving your family behind knowing that they will not get to experience something unique. What I didn’t expect, however, was that I would get to meet people that will give a new meaning to the word family. So I would like to take this opportunity and send some love to family and friends of both Victoria and Andy, They truly adopted me for those few days and they made me feel like I was part of the team.

We’ve had shared some fun and crazy moments and for that I will be forever indebted to you.


…and since this post would be worthless without images here are few of my favs. Later.

Victoria and Andy-0030

Victoria and Andy-0001

Victoria and Andy-0002

Victoria and Andy-0003

Victoria and Andy-0004

Victoria and Andy-0005

Victoria and Andy-0006

Victoria and Andy-0008

Victoria and Andy-0009

Victoria and Andy-0010

Victoria and Andy-0011

Victoria and Andy-0012

Victoria and Andy-0013

Victoria and Andy-0014

Victoria and Andy-0015

Victoria and Andy-0016

Victoria and Andy-0017

Victoria and Andy-0018

Victoria and Andy-0019

Victoria and Andy-0020

Victoria and Andy-0021

Victoria and Andy-0022

Victoria and Andy-0023

Victoria and Andy-0024

Victoria and Andy-0025

Victoria and Andy-0026

Victoria and Andy-0027

Victoria and Andy-0028

Victoria and Andy-0029

Victoria and Andy-0031

Victoria and Andy-0032

Victoria and Andy-0033

Victoria and Andy-0034

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Believe it or not this session was actually booked in Punta Cana at the hibachi table as Yaryna, Darek and I were sipping some red wine – if this is not highlife than I don’t know what is. 😀 We did some initial scheduling and then got together for a quick family session.

It was a little windy that day so we didn’t manage to do some wardrobe swapping but since we moved around the perimeter a lot we still managed to get a great assortment of shots and poses. Can’t hurt that all three of them are model material so the end result is just as I imagined.

Thank you guys for the opportunity, your looks, and great time. 🙂 Looking forward to sip some more red in the near future.


Yeryna and Darek-0001

Yeryna and Darek-0002

Yeryna and Darek-0003

Yeryna and Darek-0004

Yeryna and Darek-0005

Yeryna and Darek-0006

Yeryna and Darek-0007

Yeryna and Darek-0008

Yeryna and Darek-0009

Yeryna and Darek-0010

Yeryna and Darek-0011

Yeryna and Darek-0012

Yeryna and Darek-0013

Yeryna and Darek-0014

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