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Meredith + Denys | Engagement Session

Were you ever camera shy… like really, really bed?! 🙂 If you were you can imagine exactly what Meredith felt on the way to the shoot. I did have a chance to chat with her the day before to make sure she’s OK but she kept saying that she was super nervous. Well, ladies and gents this is where F STOP HUNTERS come in.

I wish Meredith could say more on the subject on our blog but by the time we started to shoot the second batch of images she was more comfy than Denys. 🙂

I’ll let the results speak for themselves but between great weather, fantastic location (Lime Rock Racing Track) and good looking couple we’ve got more than I was originally anticipating. I was thrilled to find out that we did cure Meredith’s cameraphobia and if stars align correctly you may see us working with this couple again in some time in the future. 😉

Thank you Meredith.
Thank you Denys.
Thank you folks at Lime Rock for making this possible.

Yours truly.

0001 - Meredith

0002 - Meredith


0004 - Meredith

0005 - Meredith

0006 - Meredith

0007 - Meredith


0009 - Meredith

0010 - Meredith

0011 - Meredith


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