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Magda + Kyle | Engagement Session

It’s a good omen when you start your year with an awesome engagement session. That’s exactly what happened today when Magda and Kyle traveled all the way from Mass to shoot on CT coast. 🙂

I know Magda for so long that I can’t even remember when we met – yes, that long and I was really psyched when she asked me to stop by to talk about their wedding that will take place in August. As we talked about pictures Magda made a statement that she always struggles to find one good picture where she looks good and in my head I’m thinking – that’s probably a good 75 percentile of my brides. 🙂 So I had no chance but to prove her wrong and we ended up scheduling an engagement session just so she could see the results before hand.

Long story short – we ended up with some great images, had some fun and laughs and both Magda and I are happy with the results. Next stop – their big day in August.

Thanks you Magda/Kyle!


0001 - Madzia and Kyle

0002 - Madzia and Kyle

0003 - Madzia and Kyle

0004 - Madzia and Kyle

0005 - Madzia and Kyle

0006 - Madzia and Kyle

0007 - Madzia and Kyle

0008 - Madzia and Kyle

0009 - Madzia and Kyle

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