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Kathy + Marcin | Wedding Alert

It was a busy weekend… but Sunday we simply kicked back. Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix in the morning… some more TV in the afternoon and an extended siesta on the porch with my hun talking about the baby, school, work, and the not so distant future. We don’t get to do it as often as we would like so those moments always seem special.

Today I’m back to the drawing board doing some more editing and prepping for few more weddings this season.

Before I start finishing my next event I wanted to share a collection of my favorite images from Kathy’s and Marcin’s wedding. The day couldn’t be any more perfect since considering the weather and the amount of time we’ve had during the formals could only translate into some yummy images.  🙂  Working with this group was a real pleasure and we both feel fortunate to share this special day with Kasia and Marcin. Although we could not partake in the post wedding events the next day we were flattered with the invite.

Thank you so much guys we’ll see you around!

Your truly.

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