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KARO | Editorial

This will be the third time when we are uniting forces with Kasia from KARO Swimwear to do a quick collab. This time we needed to depart the studio and shoot a quick editorial at Harkness Park. Luckly we had a number of uber talented individuals that joined us in the process and I wanted to take a quick moment to thank┬áMartha, Jessica (and her mom), Mariah, Vanesa and Brittany for taking the time. I’m super psyched with the final result and I’m looking forward to working with you guys again.

If you are interested in Kasia’s designes please visit her website at www.karoswimwear.com or simply catch her on Facebook @ Kasia Roginska or KARO Swimwear.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. We are about to hit a big weave with weddings so there is more eye candy to come.

Have a great weekend people!


Jessica Solomon
Mariah Malinguaggio
Martha Boltromiejuk
Vanesa Rodriguez
MUA: Brittany Martin
Designer: Kasia Roginska
Photography: Marcin Rafalowicz

0017 - KARO.20150712

0018 - KARO.20150712

0021 - KARO.20150712

0028 - KARO.20150712

0033 - KARO.20150712

0035 - KARO.20150712

0036 - KARO.20150712

0047 - KARO.20150712

0051 - KARO.20150712

0054 - KARO.20150712

0056 - KARO.20150712

0062 - KARO.20150712

0065 - KARO.20150712

0068 - KARO.20150712

0070 - KARO.20150712

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