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Day Care Crew

Another awesome day in New Britain City! 🙂

This time I’ve decided to switch gears for a bit and do a quick and fun project with the little ones. Normally when it comes to portraits we are working in a studio or a corporate environment so this time we thought it would be cool to take the equipment on the road at put it to some good use at the Day Care facility that both of our girls attend.

I can’t tell you how happy we are with our choice. Ola has been there since she could barely walk and Kaya is on her second year. I’m beyond happy knowing that that our approach towards education and development overlaps with Mrs. Ela’s school of thought. So I thought it would be good to just drop in and take few shots of the Day Care Team.


0001 - DayCareCrew

0002 - DayCareCrew

0003 - DayCareCrew

0005 - DayCareCrew

0006 - DayCareCrew

0007 - Day Care Crew

0009 - Day Care Crew

0011 - Day Care Crew

0013 - Day Care Crew

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