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Back to School

Well… not completely but it definitelly felt like it over the weekend as I did spend a lot of time working on some digital designs. I’ve worked on revamping our marketing materials and I hope I’ll meet the expectactions of my existing and future clients. As much as I would like to make some cool announcements I need to wait for our lab to ship us all the neccessary tools to spready the word. 🙂

But the good news is that I needed to refresh our business cards and as part of that I needed to select some cool images from out past events. That helped me realize that we did have a chance to work with some amazigly good looking couples this past season or two. So thank you guys for making us look good. 😛

As a token of appreciation if your pretty mug appears on one of the cards and you have an immediate need for some photos (portraits) please let us know and I’ll try to hook you up – no charge!!! (because that’s how we roll).

I hope everyone had an awesome super warm Monday and hang in there; the worse is behind us. It’s almost Friday… we only have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to plow through.

Here are the cards:

Business cards

  • Marcin Rafalowicz - If you are in one of the pics you may want to check out this post. 😉ReplyCancel

  • F-STOP HUNTERS - Just shipped some cards to the printing lab. If you are on one of them make sure to check out the blog post. Thanks! 🙂ReplyCancel

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