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Kristina + Josh | Wedding Alert

Although I don’t mind traveling for weddings it does always add a layer of complexity as you either have to leave early, pack extra stuff, and make sure you have all the logistics covered before you leave the house as you are heading to an unknown area. When you add a little bit of stress on top of it you are about to have a very long day. Well, I’ m happy to say that that wasn’t the case this time when we headed out to Massachusetts to shoot another spectacular event for Kristina and Josh. From the minute we’ve stepped into the Brush everyone one was calm and relaxed. This held true until the minute we’ve left the reception and from the photographer’s point of view nothing can be more comforting in terms of creating cool images than that. Lukasz and I had a great time shooting with Mr. and Mrs. Lyon and I’m more than happy with how it came out.

Thank you guys for having us!!!

It also looks like we will establish a new record with this one! This new revamped workflow is truly making me feeling fuzzy. All images ready do be delivered to Kristina and Josh in less than a week. Woot woot!!!

But before I do my happy dance here is a quick summary from this past weekend.

P.S. Thanks to Lukasz for second shooting.

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