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Sara + Mike | Wedding Alert

Last month has been a little colder than the rest of this spectacular winter. Not that I have been keeping track of temperature but our mailman was kind enough to bring me our gas bill. Looking out the window I’m hoping this is the last time we are dealing with what you can hardly call snow. Oh well, another month and we’ll start spending more time outside.

That’s one thing that Sara and Mike didn’t have to worry about for quite some time. They both went to school in Miami and that’s where they met. We’ve had a chance to introduce ourselves long before their wedding when they flew down to Connecticut to tackle few things from their wedding list. It was a perfect opportunity to get together and shoot their eSession.

Fast forward a year (and some) and we were rejoining the family for Sara’s and Mike’s celebration at the Tower Ridge Country Club in Simsbury. Although the weather did not cooperate 100% both the girls and the guys from the wedding party cooperated nicely and we were able capture some pretty cool moments. After the formals everyone… AND I MEAN EVERYONE … joined the happy couple on the dance floor to rock to some tunes straight from NYC. Not sure if living in Miami had that much of an impact on Sara’s and Mike’s selection of DJ’s but I have to say with 95% confidence it was one of… if not the best DJ crew I saw since I started to shoot weddings. Big shout out to Brett Jacob from Pro DJ Productions for some outstanding work.

It was a great day and we truly felt welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you once again Sara and Mike.

P.S. Too bad they now moved to CT as now would be a perfect time for a follow up with some post wedding photo shoot in FL. 🙁
P.S.S. Happy Birthday Mike!

Hope you enjoy.

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