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Ela + Pawel | Wedding Alert

This post would be worthless without some images, so here is a quick preview from Ela’s and Pawel’s wedding. This one was a little different as the couple made arrangements with the priest to do a little ceremony outside, so it was a short and sweet ceremony followed by a big party. Ela did an awesome job on selecting the location and let me tell you… we were simply in love as the estate had more places to shoot than most of the parks in the area. We were glad to join the celebration and be part of their special day. Check out the photos and I hope everyone has a great weekend. Chances are that by the time you finish reading/watching this it would almost be Friday. 😉

Yours truly.

Ela-1 Ela-2 Ela-3 Ela-4 Ela-5 Ela-6 Ela-7 Ela-8 Ela-9 Ela-10

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