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Christie + Ryan | Wedding Alert

It’s so quiet around the house. Ola and Asia are fighting a flu, so they get a little noisy from time to time and then crash due to lack of energy. Mom is at work and Ola decided to take a nap, so it’s a perfect opportunity to add something to the blog.

September and early October is definitely the busiest time of the wedding season as we are shooting every weekend with few double headers and some portraits in between, so I couldn’t wait until adding more weddings from these season. Here are few images from Christie’s and Ryan’s wedding. These two got married at the Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station and although we didn’t have much time to do the formals we did end up with some cool images, so check them out below.

Thank you Christie and Ryan!

Have a great Monday everyone.

Christie-1 Christie-2 Christie-3 Christie-4 Christie-5 Christie-6 Christie-7 Christie-8 Christie-9 Christie-10

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