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Justyna + Chris | Fall 2016 Session

I have to admit that this whole family photography stuff is certainly growing on me. Nothing better than looking at a group of happy people that share the special bond and enjoy each other’s company.

This session was very special as it only lasted for about 25 min but I was able to capture a great number of great looking images. I’m not sure how Justyna and Chris did it but it looked like they felt super comfortable in front of the camera and it definitely shows.

Thank you so much guys for investing your time.

My best.


Justyna and Chris-0001

Justyna and Chris-0002

Justyna and Chris-0003

Justyna and Chris-0004

Justyna and Chris-0005

Justyna and Chris-0006

Justyna and Chris-0007

Justyna and Chris-0008

Justyna and Chris-0009

Justyna and Chris-0010

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