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Sylwia + Marek | Family Session

Third and final session from a day at the farm.

This time I had a pleasure of hooking up with Sylwia and Marek. We’ve spent some time wandering around taking advantage of the tasty lighting, chatting about photography and the printing aspect which happens to be Marek’s specialty as he’s the brain behind K3 Design in New Britain, Connecticut. If you are interested in printing banners, graphics, vehicle wraps or simply need some design advice make sure to give him a call.

Thank you both for the opportunity and we’ll see you soon at the upcoming wedding (I think). 🙂

My best,

Here are few of my favorites.

Sylwia and Marek-0001

Sylwia and Marek-0002

Sylwia and Marek-0003

Sylwia and Marek-0004

Sylwia and Marek-0005

Sylwia and Marek-0006

Sylwia and Marek-0007

Sylwia and Marek-0008

Sylwia and Marek-0009

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