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Yeryna + Darek | Family Session

Believe it or not this session was actually booked in Punta Cana at the hibachi table as Yaryna, Darek and I were sipping some red wine – if this is not highlife than I don’t know what is. 😀 We did some initial scheduling and then got together for a quick family session.

It was a little windy that day so we didn’t manage to do some wardrobe swapping but since we moved around the perimeter a lot we still managed to get a great assortment of shots and poses. Can’t hurt that all three of them are model material so the end result is just as I imagined.

Thank you guys for the opportunity, your looks, and great time. 🙂 Looking forward to sip some more red in the near future.


Yeryna and Darek-0001

Yeryna and Darek-0002

Yeryna and Darek-0003

Yeryna and Darek-0004

Yeryna and Darek-0005

Yeryna and Darek-0006

Yeryna and Darek-0007

Yeryna and Darek-0008

Yeryna and Darek-0009

Yeryna and Darek-0010

Yeryna and Darek-0011

Yeryna and Darek-0012

Yeryna and Darek-0013

Yeryna and Darek-0014

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