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Magda + Marcin | Family Session

Look who making a reappearance?! The R quartet is back looking as gorgeous as always. 🙂

I’ve been, a self-proclaimed, good friend with Magda and Marcin for longer than I can remember. We have done a session a while ago and we just had a chance to work together again. This was the 2nd out of three sessions we did that day and as you can tell we were two for two.

Thanks guys for coming down and spending some quality time with yours truly. 😉

My best.

Magda and Marcin-0001

Magda and Marcin-0002

Magda and Marcin-0003

Magda and Marcin-0004

Magda and Marcin-0005

Magda and Marcin-0006

Magda and Marcin-0007

Magda and Marcin-0008

Magda and Marcin-0009

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