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Dorota | Maternity Session

Those of you that follow me for a while know that I don’t do much of maternity photography but since I do a little bit of both family and kids photography I do tend to capture about 2 or 3 every year just for fun.

During this engagement, I had a pleasure of working with Dorota and Daniel one week before all the leaves started to drop heavily, so if you are ever wandering what the cut off is for fall pictures, it’s usually around October 15.

We spent abut 45 min shooting and ended up with some major eye-candy so I’ve decided to share a few.

If you know anyone interested in this type of shoot and they happen to like what they see give me a call.


Dorota and Daniel-0001

Dorota and Daniel-0002

Dorota and Daniel-0003

Dorota and Daniel-0004

Dorota and Daniel-0005

Dorota and Daniel-0006

Dorota and Daniel-0007

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