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Magda and Zakhar | Wedding Alert

I’ve known Magda for a few years now since our kids attended same day care facility and they’ve been in touch since. It was both a pleasure and honor to be able to join both Magda, her now hubby Zakhar, and their families for their intimate ceremony in New Britain.

After a formal ceremony, they chose not to travel far so we were able to squeeze in some family portraits and few formals of just the two of them at the local park. The celebration, which I also had an honor to attend took place at the one and only Crystal Ballroom on Farmington Ave.

Everyone seemed to be in a great mood and the party continued into the night.

Once again, thank you Magda and Zakhar for having me. Time well spent. 😉

Here are few images from their ceremony.

Magda and Zakhar-0001

Magda and Zakhar-0002

Magda and Zakhar-0003

Magda and Zakhar-0004

Magda and Zakhar-0005

Magda and Zakhar-0006

Magda and Zakhar-0007

Magda and Zakhar-0008

Magda and Zakhar-0009

Magda and Zakhar-0010

Magda and Zakhar-0011

Magda and Zakhar-0012

Magda and Zakhar-0013

Magda and Zakhar-0014

Magda and Zakhar-0015

Magda and Zakhar-0016

Magda and Zakhar-0017

Magda and Zakhar-0018

Magda and Zakhar-0019

Magda and Zakhar-0020

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